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The new Brit Pack: Hunton 55

With an estimated speed 55-60 knots, sleek design and plenty of comfort and space, the Hunton 55 could compete with the likes of Pershing and Riva. Since purchasing the main assets of Hunton Powerboats in January 2017, the newly formed Hunton Yachts Ltd has been keeping a relatively low public profile while it seeks to rebuild … Read More

Drawing Board: H55 – Hunton Reveals Its New Flagship

Bred with race boat DNA, the Hunton H55 was born to run. The Hunton H55 aims to package stability and speed for boaters looking to cruise in comfort. The British company was established in 1979 as a producer of offshore race boats. Today, Hunton looks to its racing heritage when designing boats that have stayed … Read More

Hunton Yachts H55, What Is Past Is Prologue

Hunton h55 Overhead shot

With its roots fixed deeply in highly competitive powerboat racing, the soon-to-be-launched H55 from Hunton Yachts promises to deliver exiting performance as well as being a luxurious personal statement of ownership. Long the proving grounds for innovative engineering and building techniques, offshore powerboat racing has tested both the endurance and fortitude of builders, designers, engineers, … Read More

Five Reasons To Buy The New Hunton Yachts H55

The H55’s Top Speed Makes for a Thrilling Ride. The H55 builds on Hunton’s impressive heritage of offshore racing and arrives both in style and ahead of the pack. Equipped with twin Man V8-100 engines, the yacht is a thrilling ride, not just for her performance, reaching an eye watering top speed of 55 knots … Read More